Basic tips to prepare your trip

Basic tips to prepare your trip

By following the following points, you will be ready to begin your trip:

a) Arrive at least one night before near the place of the pick-up of the camper. We recommend NOT to start the journey on the same!

b) If you take a taxi or uber from the airport to the center, it should not exceed 20 thousand Chilean Pesos. Ask the taxi driver for the Price before beginning the trip. 

c) Plan 1 hour / 1 hour and 30 minutes for the pick-up of the camper. We want to explain everything and answer all your questions calmly.

d) We recommend downloading the "IOverlander" app. There you will find a lot of useful information regarding camping sites, restaurants, workshops, garages etc.

e) All our vehicles come with radio that consist mainly of USB port, Bluetooth and a port for auxiliary cable. 
With the Spotify app and auxiliary cable you can listen to music during the trip easily. Regarding the signal, in many parts of Chile there is no signal to listen to radio.

f) Buy a 12 V connector to charge your mobile during the trip.

g) Before starting the trip, bring enough cash with you, like 40 or 50 thousand Chilean Pesos (CLP). Almost all tolls on the highway are paid in cash.

h) For food purchases after delivery, we recommend the Santa Isabel supermarket in Avenida General San Martin 47 - Valle Grande, Lampa. It is only 3 km from our office in Santiago (Colina).

i) Choose before the trip a destination to sleep the first night, which may arrive before sunset. 

j) Our campers come with basic equipment for rentals of 10 days or more, which is enough to have a comfortable trip. 
Bed dings, kitchen stuff and towels. If you want other equipment or extras, let us know at least 15 days in advance.