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patagonia chilena chilean carretera austral campertravel camper rent camper travel chile 

Vast, exotic, wild and infinite in its beauty. That’s how Patagonia was described by the explorers who arrived here almost 500 years ago. Little has changed to this day. Come and discover a truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes.

Live and breathe Patagonia’s ranching history and the gaucho lifestyle as you discover the far-flung cities and pioneer towns in these cinematic landscapes. Rent a car or climb on a bike to travel down the Carretera Austral or Southern Highway and get ready to be blown away by northern Patagonia at its very best!

If trekking is your passion, then head for the Torres del Paine National Park to experience truly magnificent forests, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and stunning views of the Southern Ice Fields.

For a real once-in-a-lifetime adventure, explore the southernmost extreme of the American continent, navigating through countless sea fjords and channels and crossing the famous Straits of Magellan before setting sail for Antarctica. 

Marvel at the imposing millennial glaciers (of which there are hundreds) and experience close encounters with dolphins, penguins and killer whales. Make Cape Horn – the southernmost tip of the continent – your destination, or continue by sea to Antarctica – truly a scientific and ecological treasure. 



Scenic Patagonia route that is one of a kind in the world. Over 1,000 kilometers of natural beauty await you at the southernmost tip of the world. The Carretera Austral (or Southern Highway) captures the hearts of intrepid drivers and cyclists with its pristine landscapes and possibly the freshest air in the world.

Home to a wide range of diverse landscapes, this is a perfect place to partake in adventure sports. Go white-water rafting down one of the world’s most well-known rivers for rafting, the Futaleufú; one of the world’s most renowned rafting routes. Explore the deepest reaches of this magical region by following one of the many excellent trekking itineraries which lead to its very heart.

Combine your river trip with a visit to the majestic glaciers which grace this remotest of regions. See the amazing Tortel Cove, with its cypress footbridges and remarkable landscapes.

And if peace and quiet is your goal, what better than a day’s fishing on the Baker River? An idyllic, extraordinary natural beauty spot. Come and discover the wonders of southern Chile, and sample a true slice of heaven.


patagonia chilena chilean carretera austral campertravel camper rent camper travel chile
 patagonia chilena chilean carretera austral campertravel camper rent camper travel chile 


Have you ever felt completely insignificant in comparison to nature? Well, get ready to feel precisely that way among the turquoise waters, glaciers and towering granite horns of the Torres del Paine National Park. The jaw-dropping landscapes of this eighth wonder of the world are humbling indeed.

Immerse yourself in this vast national park; a backpack and comfortable shoes are all you require for a trekking adventure, the best possible way to explore this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Take full advantage of the 17 hours of daylight in summer and don’t miss out on sunrise, when the horns of the Torres del Paine massif glow purple and red. Sail on Lake Grey to admire the eponymous glacier, or paddle a kayak through its colossal blue and white icebergs.

You’ll enjoy terrific wildlife-watching in Torres del Paine. See majestic condors wheeling in the pristine skies overhead. Look out for foxes, huemul or Andean deer and guanacos along the way, and if you lie in wait patiently, you might be lucky enough to spot the reclusive puma. 


patagonia chilena chilean carretera austral campertravel camper rent camper travel chile




One of the most isolated natural treasures of the world, the Marble Caves (Capillas de Mármol) are a series of sculpted caves in the General Carrera Lake in the heart of Patagonia. The Cathedral, the Chapel and the Cave are the three formations that make up this natural spectacle that will certainly leave you breathless.

Keep your eyes wide open to admire the black and white columns reflected on the blue waters. A true dream for photography lovers. 



A place where trees seem to disappear among fjords and channels, birthplace of the so-called evergreen forest. This is Queulat National Park.

On the lands that are now a protected area, ancient explorers went searching for the mythical “City of the Caesars”, which as the legend said was full of gold and was founded by Spanish castaways. You can also explore the area trekking along trails surrounded by water and forests.

Let yourself be charmed by the perfection of the Hanging Snowdrift, glaciers, lagoons, and waterfalls that seduce visitors, and allow them a space for contemplating and enjoying the peacefulness of these landscapes. But, if you like adventure, you can’t miss the chance to kayak and raft here and then rest in the hot springs located in the area!





With port and sheep-breeding history, the gateway into Antartica will captivate you with its clean air and sophisticated European architecture.

Take a boat or a kayak along the Magellan Straits and you’ll be surprised by the penguins as they welcome you to Magdalena Island. Go on an adventure to Tierra del Fuego and discover the best kept secrets of the Kawesqar and Selk’nam people, indigenous to the southernmost part of Chile.

Go back in time walking around Punta Arenas’ cementary. Its beautiful gardens bring elegance to the tombs of historical characters of the area. If you like shopping, the duty free area is the ideal location to get souvenirs from your trip.

Stretch your legs walking around the Main Square and take in its traditions. The Statue of the Indian is waiting for you to kiss or touch its feet, which people say means you’ll be back.

patagonia chilena chilean carretera austral campertravel camper rent camper travel chile




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